The Local area

Øvre Uvdal, Øvre translated means at the very top, is as the name implies at the very top of the municipality. Our rental cabins are between 800 and 1000 meters above sea level. which makes it very snow-safe from mid-October until the end of April.

The ski resorts in the immediate area are usually open when there are minus degrees and they can start to produce snow. There is always a race to be the first ski center to open for the season. There are good trails in the ski centers with many different difficulty levels. We have several resorts within a short drive.

Øvre Uvdal and borders the Hol municipality, where perhaps Geilo is the most known place. It takes about 20 minutes to get there by car. it takes a little longer when it is winter and snow.

It is actually possible to go to Geilo on cross-country skiing because our trail network extends all the way to their trail network. The network in our neighborhood is 200 km. professionally prepared ski slopes in the immediate area. 


The Norwegian majestic mountain are very special. The feeling, when you arrive at the cabin, and get out of the car. The quiet sounds of the mountains and the tranquility.

The best lies in front of you. And when you travel home from the mountain you are obviously full of new energy. As if you've been charged.
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