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Welcome to us. We are Helen and Ken. We rent our private Chalets in a high mountain area on Dagalifjell which is located from 800 to 1088 meters above sea level. Here we also have large mountain plots for sale.

Dagalifjell is located at the very top of the mountain area in the municipality of Uvdal. If you continue for a short half hour you will come to Geilo. If you drive the other way you are in Oslo in two and a half hours. Maybe a little longer during the winter season.


To make it easy, we had to have a name that we use to rent the cabins. We linked our initial letters to KAH. That's why it became KAH Property. So all that has to do with rent is KAH Property.

Hagasetåsen Hyttegrend - mountain plots

We have sold plots to build the dream Chalet for many years. Hagaset Hyttegrend is, as the name implies, in Hagasetåsen. Hagasetåsen is the highest hill on Dagali mountain. With several generations who have lived on the mountain, we know what to expect when the high mountain is to be experienced. Whether you are renting a Chalet for a weekend or establishing yourself with your own private Chalet. It is always a good idea to rent a weekend, so you can see what the area has to offer.

Hagasetåsen surounding area


Dagalifjell has one of the most extensive and best hiking and skiing networks on the high mountain in Norway. In winter time it is at any time approx. 120 km of ski slopes prepared with professional preparation machines. There is an app - Skisporet which at all times shows all the tracks with color codes that show when they were last visited by the preparation machine.
Dagalifjell is a mountain area located in Nore and Uvdal municipality and in the north as far as Hol municipality, in Buskerud county in the eastern part of Hardangervidda. In the south the mountain area is bounded by Uvdal. It is a short distance from Dagalifjell to Hardangervidda National Park, and generally good hiking opportunities both summer and winter.

At Dagalifjell there are panoramic views in the northwest direction towards the high mountain area Hallingskarvet with the newly created Hallingskarvet National Park, and towards Hardangerjøkulen. The highest peak on Dagalifjell is the Mountain Bunuten (1340 meters above sea level), while the central plateau is approximately 1000-1100 meters.
  • The good mountain feeling that you know as soon as you get out of the car.
  • The area is naturally adapted for outdoor activities. You want to be out in the open rather than inside.
  • Professional ski slopes and that there is actually snow all winter since the location is over 1000 meters above sea level.
  • Large network of hiking trails and many mountain top hiking opportunities.
  • Many fishing lakes where there is a lot of fish.

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