Torillstua @ Hagaset

On large private mountain area. 1100 meter above sea level


Driving Directions

The easiest would be to search for Torillstua (Uvdal) in Google Maps. The app will then guide you right up to the door step.
Torillstua is located in Hagasetåsen Hyttegrend in Uvdal


The Chalet has a Keycode at the front Door. A separate code will be activated which works during the agreed rental period. This code will be sent to the email address you provided to us.

There is a barrier to drive into the area of Hagasetåsen. We activate your mobile number provided by you in the Booking Confirmation. When you reach the barrier you can easily open the barrier by calling +47 484 35 600. The barrier will then open automatically. The barrier can also be opened to others in the traveling party very easily just by calling the boom with the mobile phone.


Internett - Torillstua
Wifi Internett: torillstua
Password: torillstua

Watch V
There are 4 TV's in Torillstua.

Livingroom 2nd Floor.
Master Bedroom 2nd Floor.
Master Bedroom 2st Floor.
Livingroom Ground Floor.

Play music in the kitchen / living room on the Ground floor.
There is a Stereo under the stairs.

Bedroom Arrangement

Torillstua sleeps a maximum of 24 people. If only one person, and not as usual two people, sleeps in the 120 cm beds, and if the sofa bed is not used to sleep in, we recommend a maximum of 17 people.

For detailed information on beds see the Floor Plan

Bed linen (100, - per set) and towel (35, - large and 15, - small) can be rented if desired. Please contact us 5 days prior to arrival.

Any Questions. Please Contact us

Check Out

  • Regular check-out is 11am. You can ask for a late Check Out. This depends on the next booking. Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to request late check-out.

    Check that you have brought all your private belongings with you and that all rooms are as they were upon arrival. Whether you should have moved furniture or changed some pillowcases etc. We appreciate you putting it back as it was on arrival.
    All dishes must be placed in the dishwasher. and the dishwasher is switched on so it is freshly washed when the cleaning staff arrives.

    Check that all windows and doors are closed and locked.

    Set all floor heating, heaters, heat pump to 10 degrees on departure (only applicable for winter rentals). In summer, all heat is turned off at departure.

    All garbage, bottles and other waste are taken away on departure. See separate section on waste disposal.

    Check that no one has thrown cigarette butts, snuff position etc on the outside of the cabin. We want the area around the cabin to be family friendly and then it is not so nice if this is around.

    If you have used fireworks, torches, etc. then this should also be treated as ordinary waste. It should be cleaned up and brought along. See separate section on waste.

    We like to say that the Cabin should be the way it was when you arrived.

    Have a safe trip home and you are most welcome to stay at Torillstua or try one of our other cabins!


The cabins are well equipped.

In the kitchen there is a small base stock with salt, pepper, various spices, flour, sugar, some tea, coffee filter etc. that you can use whatever you want. If there is nothing left of anything, we appreciate you replacing what is empty.

There is detergent for the dishwasher and the dishwasher.

If your stay is longer than a weekend, we recommend bringing extra.

There is also some toilet paper in the toilet rooms, but if you are more then we recommend buying with extra.

All bathrooms are also equipped with hand soap.

We have additional services such as food box (must be pre-ordered) Here you can have basic foods delivered unpacked in the refrigerator before you arrive. Delivery is free, you only pay for the food items.

All beds are equipped with pillow and duvet.
Remember to bring bed linen and towel if you have not chosen to rent this. This is included in bookings on and Airbnb

If you would like to order any of our additional services Contact us.

Additional services

  • We want to give you the best stay possible.
  • That's why we offer some additional services that can be pre-ordered.
    Please Contact us days before arrival.

  • • Bed linen (NOK 100, - per set, ready made)
    • Towel (NOK 35,- large and NOK 15,- small)
    • Food box (Free delivery) (Order list sent from you)
    • Catering (we work with 3 different companies)
    • Chef (we collaborate with 2 different chefs)
    • Cake order (from the local baker)
    • Flower order (from the local flower shop)
    • Transport from / to the airport, the train and to / from events

  • Any requests, Please Contact us.


We welcome all dogs. It is a great area for dogs. Just remember to follow applicable dog collar rules and pay attention to other animals in the area.

Remember to use dog pop bag near all Chalets and Cabins.
We appreciate that you respect that no dogs are allowed to be in couches and beds in our cabins. Important to pay attention to the next tenant, and that it is just as nice when they arrive as it was when you arrived. Then we take care of the cabins and the local area.


  • The area has a rich selection of experiences and sights. We have created a separate section to let you know about the offers and where they are located.

Read More


  • The municipality has its own solution for waste. Waste is thrown in the large blue / green waste containers that are placed at suitable locations of the road. The nearest location is on the right when you exit the Hagasetåsen Hyttegrend. Glass and metal waste are disposed of in separate containers for recycling. These containers are located at the grocery stores in the area.

Driving and SNOW

  • Should there be a lot of snow on the road so that you can not drive. Contact the person responsible for this at telephone +47 416 90 416.
    His name is Hans and he is responsible for the road being drivable. Call or send message. Remember to mention that it is Torillstua

Grocery Store

  • There are several grocery stores in the area.
    The closest are:
  • Nærbutikken Uvdal -  Link to Googlemap.
    Joker Dagali - Link link to Googlemap

    There is also about 30 km to Geilo where you will find a good selection of other shops if you wish. Link to Googlemap

    We remind you that we also offer food box, freely delivered. You send us a list of what foods you want to order. Free delivery. The items will be unpacked in a refrigerator before arriving. Please contact us if you would like to use this service (5 days prior to arrival)


  • It has never been smoked inside our cabin and we want to continue with that. It is of course allowed to smoke outside the cabin. Use suitable ashtrays and please do not throw cigarette butts, sneezes and other debris on the ground.

    Unfortunately, we have had several cases of cigarette butts, snuff and other waste on the ground. It's not nice for new guests coming. And if it snows it is difficult to remove this. We incur an extra charge for removing this. So please take care of the nature and environment of our cabins and we will be very happy.
1. Terms and Conditions

The lease terms apply to leases entered into with KAH Property and executed by the lessee who is then legally responsible for entering into a lease at the time the booking is received by KHA Property.
Information on the website and is binding. However, it is subject to reservation that KHA Property may change the information after the lease has been entered into if the tenant is informed. KHA Property reserves the right to correct any printing or proofing errors.

2. Catering
All cabins rent on a self-catering basis. We offer a food box ready in the refrigerators. We also offer Catering from our partners. Booked well in advance of arrival. All additional services must be prepaid.


Bookings for rentals made through our website, ( or via a third party supplier such as, airbnb etc. by telephone or by telephone. e-mail will always be confirmed with an order confirmation confirming the order at the e-mail address registered in the order form.

Payment transfer to our account:
The renter receives payment information and a link to where all practical information and the rental terms are stated. By completing the payment it is also confirmed that "rental conditions, instructions for use of Jacuzzi (if ordered)" have been read. The renter must provide his / her own name and order number in the message box upon payment. The orderer is responsible for checking whether the order confirmation is in accordance with the booking, in particular arrival and departure date, additional services booked and rental amount.

The lease taker must be 30 years of age in order to book / enter into an agreement with KHA Property. At least 50% of people staying at the lodge must be 30 years of age. This must be stated at time of booking and is a requirement that the age limit is met to gain access to the cabin. The landlord can cancel the agreement if the requirement is not met. For families and businesses, exceptions can be made by appointment.

The rental amount includes electricity. The rental amount does not include cleaning, bed linen, towels, cots / highchairs, toilet paper, cleaning products, etc. Washing is mandatory and performed by professionals. Mandatory washing at the current agreed price applies to all short term leases unless otherwise agreed. In addition, bed linen and towels can be ordered at current prices. There is 1 high chair in each cabin and we have a cot available which can be arranged if required.

The number of guests should not exceed the number stated in the order confirmation. KAH Property reserves the right to terminate any rental agreement for breach of this condition, after which tenants must leave the property immediately, without refund.
The rental period is valid from the first rental day at. 6pm to last day of rental at. 11:00, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Arrival must be made on the first day of the rental period by noon. 20.00, unless otherwise agreed. Any other arrival time must be arranged well in advance of arrival.

6.1 When canceling orders booked with 3. Parts suppliers such as, Airbnb etc.:
The terms and conditions of the used third party supplier apply at all times.

When canceling orders placed on our website,
8 weeks or earlier before rental conditions start 100% of the rent is refunded. Minus NOK 450, - which is kept as an administrative cost.
If canceled 6 weeks before the rental starts, 50% of the rent is refunded. If canceled up to 6 weeks before date of arrival, the amount will not be refunded. Note, For all cancellations, the rental object is activated as available and if a new lease is established then the rental amount is refunded minus an administration cost.

Our cabins are large and can accommodate many guests. They are well equipped with many amenities. We therefore have a variable deposit depending on several factors in the booking. The deposit covers damage to the cabin, fixtures, extra washing, cleaning inside and out, attendance by a representative when complaints from neighbors etc.
It is very important to us that the cottage be well cleaned and ready when guests arrive. Only limited time is allowed for cleaning. So, if the accident is out and you can't replace a damaged item or damage, let us know so it can be replaced or repaired for the pleasure of future guests and property owners.
The deposit will be returned in full the day after the property inspection and any adjustments necessary for damage, breakage or otherwise. Please inform us of any damage or other incurred during your stay. Where damages have occurred as a direct result of tenants misusing the property, KAH Property reserves the right to claim the renter directly for this damage, and the rent will be terminated with immediate effect.

In the event of damage, the tenant is obliged to contact KHA Property immediately as well as pay deductible on KHA Property's insurance and cover any other damage that the insurance does not cover. The renter is liable for personal or property damage during the rental period, which he already is or can be insured against through normal liability insurance. The cabin does not meet housing standards and care must be taken with children both inside and outside the cabin. KHA Property disclaims any liability in the rental property and parents are responsible for any fall or other damage that happens to tenants or visitors in the rental conditions both inside and inside the cabin.

In the event of a complaint regarding damage to / in the cabin, the renter must inform KHA Property as soon as possible but within 24 hours and agree on a deadline to rectify the damage satisfactorily. If the renter leaves the cabin without having complained within the time limit, the possible right of claim will lapse and KHA Property cannot be liable for damages.

Damages that occur after the rental has been completed, but which occur because windows or doors are not locked are billed depending on the extent of the damage, at least NOK 2000, -

Violation of regulations on smoking and pet bans can result in a cleaning fee of NOK 3,500. Any extra cleaning of the cabin inside will result in an extra cleaning fee from NOK 1,500. The same applies to any litter outside the cabin. This is especially true if it is littered with smoke, snuff residue, empty boxes and the like. out at the cottage or cottage's neighboring area. We have had problems with used snuff bags with snuff both inside and inside the cabin and cigarette butts all around. It is not pleasant for our next guests. We deduct NOK 100 per. pcs. from the deposit. Extra cleaning of the Jacuzzi can be invoiced with the equivalent amount of NOK 1,500, -. In addition, pick-up, delivery, transport, assembly, rigging and organization are invoiced.

For cleaning, mandatory washing applies at a fixed price. For leases that extend beyond the week / mid week / weekend, other arrangements can be made. Mandatory cleaning of the cabin does not include rough cleaning inside and out. Extra washing or other necessary cleaning / cleaning that is out of the ordinary will be billed to the tenant afterwards.


Tenants undertake to comply with the cabin / order regulations that apply in the cabins. In the event of a breach of these regulations, the legal tenant may become liable for any loss or damage that has been inflicted on persons or objects. The lessee is obliged to treat the cabin in a careful and proper manner, as he is liable for any damage that he or the accompanying persons may cause to the cabin, the contents and associated equipment, such as. on furniture, TV, service, jacuzzi etc.

The tenant cannot use the cabin for anything other than what is agreed upon booking (normally this is the use of a holiday home / meeting rooms / accommodation for companies) and does not allow to set up a tent, caravan, music system or tub / jacuzzi on the cabin site.

Furniture, TV, stereo system, tables, benches etc. should not be moved or re-furnished. Furniture located inside the house should not be used outside. And outdoor furniture should not be used inside the house.

The tenant is obliged to keep a low noise level between 23:00 - 08:00. A serious breach of public calm may result in eviction before the end of the rental period. Costs In relation to this, KHA Property has been billed the legal tenant. The landlord has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the tenant or with the traveler interferes, does damage to the cabin or the surrounding area, and if the cabin is used for anything other than an agreed purpose. In the event of termination of the agreement, the tenant with company must immediately leave the cabin without repayment of the rental amount.

If a gas grill is used, it should only be used for grilling food. The grill is cleaned after use. Gas for normal grilling is included. We check the gas supply before the rental so that it will be ample for your stay. However, should the container become empty, it can be changed continuously at Nærbutikken Uvdal. The grill should be cleaned after use so that it is ready for the next tenant.

It has never been smoked inside our cabins. We want to continue with this. For position bags with snuff and sniper see section 7.3

Dogs are allowed in our cabins. But this must be agreed in writing and it must be stated which dog breed along with the order ..

If the agreement is terminated immediately due to the aforementioned reasons, the landlord will charge a fee corresponding to the damage, however at least NOK 5,000. . Any dispute regarding the tenancy relationship shall be resolved amicably by the appointment of an objective person who both agree, unless the dispute shall be resolved in Nesbyen District Court.

Last rental day before departure
- Tenants clean the cabin and see that everything looks right and that everything works.
- Cleans kitchen and takes kitchen dishes. Dishwashers are put on so that everything is ready when the washing company arrives.
- Empty kitchen cabinets, refrigerators and freezers.
- Take garbage and throw it in one of the municipality's green containers.
  NOTE! Please don't throw garbage in your neighbors' private junk bins.
- Check that all doors and windows are closed and locked.
- All heaters set at 10 degrees (winter) Elle switch off (summer)
- Check the bedrooms for forgotten. Unfortunately, many people forget things.
Remember! Damages, small or large MUST be reported to KHA Property no later than noon. 11am the following day directly to KHA Property by phone or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Remember to attach pictures of damage as documentation.

The owner cannot be blamed or held responsible for disruptions in rental conditions if the accommodation cannot be used for war actions, natural disasters, labor market conflicts, burglaries, fire, violations in water / energy supply, accessibility or other circumstances that the landlord does not control. can be predicted, so-called force majoure.

By booking, the tenant agrees that personal data may be processed by the landlord. This is necessary to carry out regular tenant / guest administration where the landlord has access to personal information in the event of an accident or to manage and treat any damage and the like.

Electricity is included in rental conditions and is arranged separately for long term rental conditions. KHA Property cannot be held liable / liable to the tenant in the event of a power failure, water shortage, problems with the Internet, TV signals or any other operation / downtime tenant does not have control. The tenant is legally responsible for the use / downloading of content from the Internet during a given rental period at all times in accordance with applicable law.

In understanding the above rental conditions, regardless of the nationality of the tenant, Norwegian law shall apply. The venue is in Nore and Uvdal. Full or partial reproduction of KHA Property's material on web pages or written documents is not permitted without permission from KHA Property.


Before you try the Jacuzzi for the first time. Read this guide carefully. You will then definitely get a better experience of the Jacuzzi and that the Jacuzzi is safely completed.

Before you begin

Important!!! Glasses, bottles of cups, mugs and everything similar to this should NOT be used in the Jacuzzi. There are separate melanin jars on a separate shelf in the kitchen. Please respect this. Should glass or anything else be broken in the jacuzzi, you will have to pay for emptying and washing the bath.

Remove any snow at the exit door. This must be done from the outside, Shovels is located in the cabin on the 2nd floor (top of the shoe shelves)

Also remove snow around (especially the back where the attachment to the ground is to be pushed behind) and on top of the Jacuzzi before attempting to lift the lid. Make sure everything is ok before you go into the hot water.

Loosen the straps and both straps that secure the cover to the wind. The stops should always be on when the lid of the Jacuzzi is closed.

The lid is two-fold and the lid is opened with a lid gap.
Watch this video to see how the "Lid Lift Works"

Turn on the light in the Jacuzzi. This is done on the display. Check the temperature. The bath should be about 37 to 38 degrees.

Have a teaspoon of the bottle labeled "Cloride" before you start the session. The container is located under the sink in the kitchen. Put Jets on - and wait about 5-10 minutes before going into the Jacuzzi.

Shower and wash your body thoroughly with soap (without bathing suits) before entering the Jacuzziall!

Do not use oils or other scented balls in the Jacuzzi. Splitting the long session into several shorter sessions are a good idea. Long sessions can cause Hypothermia. When cold weather, remember to have something on your head during the bath (hat etc) so that you don't get a reaction when you go out of that hot bath and into the winter cold.

Use common sense. Do not allow children to swim alone without constant adult supervision.Remember, under the terms of the lease, the tenant is responsible for the security of all tenants during the rental period

When you are done, Put a teaspoon of "chlorine" run the jets for 15-20 minutes. Turn off the light and turn off the bubbles.

Attach the lid with the lid latch and click on the latches. Attach both straps. Do not tighten too hard.

Remember to wipe up any water on the laminate floor outside the Bathrooms inside the Chalet as you go in and out. The Laminate floor does not withstand water.

Then just enjoy the Jacuzzi.

Should there be questions - Contact us


  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • +47 484 47 870